“Thank you Captain Alan Devier for a great weekend diving the Cooper.  You’re a top notch skipper. See you again soon!”

Billy, Ron & Lil G

“Had a great day diving the Cooper River with Captain Alan Devier! I found my first 6”+ Cooper River megalodon tooth! I also found at least hundred other smaller teeth and a about 8lbs of frags.”

Justin Hurst

“Just got my PADI open water certification so what better way to jump in the deep end then hit the Cooper River with Captain Alan Devier! If you want a truly unique experience then contact Alan Devier for a trip on the Cooper. Captain Alan is a wonderful guide and puts safety first! He really puts you on the best gravel beds where you can find the shark teeth!
Thank you for a great learning experience Alan!! I can’t say enough about the whole trip experience. Give the man a call and try it yourself! I’ll definitely be back…”

Tony Ewing

“2 days of diving the Cooper River with Captain Alan Devier was amazing! Alan is a great captain & guide! Completed 6 dives and I found a total of 293 teeth/fragment of teeth, a deer leg bone, a whale tooth and a shark vertebrae. That equals 1 find for every 1.4 minutes of bottom time! Alan does a great job of consistently putting me on the teeth.”

Paul Pemberton

“What a day on the river…or I should say “in” the river. Thanks Captain Alan Devier for another awesome day! Not only did I find a 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inch meg tooth (heartbreaker with a missing corner), I witnessed Justin Hurst bring up one or the rarest artifacts I’ve ever seen…a banner stone.”

Brian Tovin

“Thank you to Captain Alan Devier for an awesome day on the Cooper River yesterday. If you are ready to find your own Megalodon teeth, and are comfortable diving in dark murky water, contact Alan and he will put you where the teeth are. The man is very professional, yet easy going and made it an awesome experience.”

Dr. Robert Johnson

“Big Thanks to Captain Alan Devier who dropped me right where the good stuff was hiding. First fossil of the first dive was the infant mastodon molar, would’ve been happy if that was all I found all day but the teeth never stopped…  Honerable mention to the big chunk of tusk I found on the last dive plus all the monsters in between!”

William Georgitis

“What an incredible Thanksgiving Eve dive yesterday with my buddy Alan Devier. Found a fat sack of teeth despite the cold weather! Had the find of a lifetime yesterday with a 2.5 inch fossil Great White shark tooth that was turned into a pendant by Native Americans thousands of years ago! Go check him out and get on some teeth!!!”

Justin Kiser

“I have been interested in fossils ever since I was a kid and have been diving since a young age.  I never imagined that the two things could be combined!  After seeing Alan being featured in Johnathan Bird’s Blue World, I knew he was the man to make it happen.  His passion makes the whole thing so appealing and his knowledge of the creek makes it so worthwhile!  The diving itself is some of the most exciting and challenging I have ever done – very rewarding.  Thank you Alan, I WILL be back!”

Mark Linne